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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ I Believe This Prayer

Father, I glorify and praise Your name. Every time I seek You, Father, You answer me.

You have delivered me from my fears, stressful situations, worry, the traps and snares of the enemies, trials and tribulations, sickness and disease, financial woes, debt, and lack.

You and Your angles are encamped around me.

I faithfully pray to You. You are my hiding place.

Father, I lack no good thing.

Father, You are faithful in delivering Your favored promises to me.

Thank You for being the author and overseer of my life.

Every place my feet land, You have ordered it. You favor every atmosphere my body and soul enter.

Everything I touch prospers. Everyone I pray for prospers. Every space I enter shifts favorably. Every time I speak, You are speaking through me.

Father, You are my salvation, and my soul rejoices in You.

In Jesus’, amen.


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