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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ Favorable Path Prayer

Father, I thank You for another day and the favor of the days before.

Father, today I am asking for a favorable breakthrough in the life of the person or people that take their time out and write these prayers for me, to that person or people who take the time to keep me lifted in prayer.

For those who fast and pray for and with me, cover them, Father,

Father, to the person or people who keep my name in their mouth favorably to You.

Father, bless those genuinely praying for my deliverance, favor, and blessings.

Father, see and bless those who send me to You.

Father, see and bless those willing to help and give freely to me.

See and bless the genuine-hearted.

Father, see and bless those with a platform for which I can come to You with the glory, honor, and praise.

See and bless those who desire others to have a relationship with You.

Father, touch and multiply their finances.

Cancel their debts. Cover them in Your blood. Heal their body. Be their benefactor and deliverer.

Father, be their ram in the bush. Speak and shine Your face through them.

Lord, I thank You for Your grace and mercy today.

Thank You for shining Your light on me.

Thank You for Your presence, support, and love.

I’m in awe of Your healing power and all of Your creations.

Thank You for assigning angels of protection for my life.

Thank You for my favorable path.

Throughout this day, I will be favored, blessed, anointed, appointed, and respected.

In Jesus’ name, amen.



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