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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ A Prayer for Mrs. Bradley

Father, thank You for Your watchful eye and mercy this morning.

Father, we are asking in agreement on behalf of Mrs. A. Bradley.

Father, we are seeking Your immediate attention and healing power.

You said in Your word that by Your stripes, she is healed. Father, she is battling with helicobacter pylori, previously known as Campylobacter pylori.

Father, we ask that You touch every organ in her body, paying particular attention to her stomach and its lining.

We ask that You purify her bloodstream and bring back her appetite. Allow her antibiotic treatment to perform perfectly.

Father, completely heal Mrs. A. Bradley of the symptoms and effects of this disease. Rid her body of inflammation.

Father, relieve her worry and stress caused by this storm. Penetrate her mind. Give her the physical strength she needs to make it throughout the day. Cover her and her household.

Cover her and her household finances. Cancel all debts. Allow unexpected blessings and money to come her way. Allow all of her bills to be paid. Allow food to be on her table.

Strengthen her and honor the faith she has in You. Cover her husband, son, and family. With every breath she takes, bless her. With every breath she takes, heal her.

Honor the prayers of the prayer warriors and her family petitioning You on her behalf. Allow this storm to pass. You said in Your word she will get sick but will not die. Extend her life and grant her favor and perfect healing.

She serves, believes, has faith, trust in You, Your healing power, anointing, and powerful blood.

Father, You paid the cost, and You reside in her. Cast out this bacteria. Turn it around for her good. Make her brand new. Wash her clean. Right now!

In Jesus’ name, amen


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