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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ A Cussing Tongue Prayer

Most gracious and heavenly Father,

Thank You for a new day.

Cover, protect, and provide for everyone reading this prayer.

Father, today, our petitions are regarding our tongue. Father, grant our tongue-favored words to speak.

Father, increase our vocabulary and grant us vast content.

Allow the words that we speak to be pleasing to Your ears as well as others.

Father, curb the urge to use vulgar language and cuss words.

Replace those words with some more pleasing ones.

Instead of it being second nature to cuss and speak aggressively and negatively, allow it to be second nature to speak positively, compassionately, and without the use of cuss words.

Speak through us and formulate the words for us.

In Jesus’ name, amen.




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