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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast / Fix It Prayer

Father, thank You for the breath of life.

Father, I know You sit high and look low.

I know You see and feel the brokenness in my spirit.

Father, this is the Breakthrough and Fast, and I am standing in need of a of a breakthrough.

I am tired of being mistreated, unappreciated, undervalued, and unloved.

I am tired of not being respected.

I am tired of feeling overwhelmed and left without answers.

Father, I am tired of worrying about finances, friendships, family, associations, health, and marriage.

Father, You said You will carry my load and care for me.

You said, Father, You will provide all of my needs.

Father, You said You will take care of my enemies.

You said that by Your stripes, I am healed.

You said everything will work for my good.

Father, I expect to receive goodness and favor, things of You.

Disrespect is not of You.

Not knowing is not of You.

Worrying and being overwhelmed is not of You.

Lack and being in debt is not of You.

Brokenness and hurt are not of You.

Undervalue, unloved, unappreciated, and being mistreated are not of You.

Fix it, Father; in Jesus' name, I pray, amen.




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