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A Kiss from Rose | Bloodsuckers

Bloodsuckers are draining you dry. Are you so numb to the bloodsuckers that you no longer feel that they are there? Are you becoming dizzy, confused, weak, don't know which way is up, running around like a chicken with your head cut off for them, and making poor decisions? These are all side effects of bloodsuckers. Oh, you can't recognize a bloodsucker? Are you in denial that bloodsuckers surround you? Have they done one or two things for you, and you feel like you have to repay them for being there when you were down and out? Did they help you when you needed a job? Did they feed you a time or two? What about when you were sick? Are you feeling obligated to bloodsucking family members? You do not owe anyone your life. You may have that feeling that you do, but you can not give anyone your existence. If you have been paying someone back for ten years, you will be sucked dry if you aren't already. If you are holding the weight of your family and you can not fully take care of your own family, you too are being sucked dry. If you are being taken advantage of by friends, associates, family, and you are too naïve to realize it or don't want to believe it, then you are allowing the bloodsuckers to live and thrive at the expense of your life. What type of quality life can you possibly have if you are living to your full potential. What kind of life can you possibly have if you are not free to do what you want to do or that God has set in front of you?

Take a good observation of the bloodsuckers that surround you. When bloodsuckers have taken all they can, guess what, they find another body they can consume. When bloodsuckers see you are no longer allowing them to drain you dry, guess what, they lay a guilt trip on you. They will tell you all kinds of misguided information so they can benefit from you. Are you obligated? Are you paying someone ten years later? Say thank you, purchase them a gift if you can, give them some cash even, or pray for them and move on with your life. Do not sacrifice your life or the life of your family for bloodsuckers. Some of you are more dedicated to bloodsuckers than you are to Jesus Christ or God.


"Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that you relieve me of my bloodsuckers and those that take advantage of me. I do not wish any harm on them or me, but to be free of being drained dry. Allow them to be pourers of Your word. Allow them to pray for restoration in my life from all they have taken from me. I pray they ask for forgiveness and repent for their bloodsucking and using behaviors. Father, continue to cover and protect us all. Amen." - Alston Shropshire


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Oct 07, 2021



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