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A Kiss from Rose| August 8th

People watching. So you sit back and watch the people around you receive the blessings that you hope for? It may seem as if they are in a tsunami of favor, miracles, and blessings. What you may not know is how many years they wandered in the desert. Not to say that you have not wandered long as well, however, allow them the time to be happy and enjoy their happiness, without the eyes of envy/ jealousy piercing at them. To enjoy the blessings the Lord has for them. Support them. Congratulate them. Encourage them. It is not always about you. The time you are taking to watch immensely can be used to see the blessings you have, no matter how small you think they are and participate in a joyous time in their life. Appreciating the blessings of others, teaches you how to appreciate your own, if you are looking through the eyes of good intent. People can feel when you are not happy for them or are not there to celebrate but to judge and criticize. Body language is the strongest language and appears first in a room before you speak.

Father God, I come to You today, to thank You for all of your countless blessings, miracles, and favor. I come as humbly as I know how. Father, continue to grow and develop my relationship with You. Father, protect me from the envious and jealous eyes, hearts, and mind of the world and those that I am surrounded by. Allow me to enjoy the blessings, favor, and miracles that You have for me without getting distracted. Surround me with people of good intent that is willing to genuinely support, congratulate, be happy, and encourage me. Father, allow me to be the same with them. Father, allow my heart, eyes, and mind to be of good intent to others. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.


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