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A Kiss from Rose| August 29th

Where do you want to go in life? Do you have a plan? How do you plan on getting there? Who do you want to take with you? Who do you think will make it to the final destination with you? Will you be in great company, with the people that you select? Do the people that you have selected align with the purpose? Can they carry it out? Can you? Prepared and qualified or not, do you possess the key attributes to sustain the process and to stay on course? Who can you trust to get you where you need to go? Sometimes we dismiss people who we think are not ready to go with us and they end up surpassing us. Sometimes where we want to go in life isn't where we end up or lines up with where God is going to take us. Sometimes we have fueled up a jet when we need to take the stairs to get there. Often our best bud is the first person to fall by the wayside in our travels. Sometimes, God will have you riding shotgun with the least expecting person or personality. In most cases, the people we want to go with us has a different vision for the travel and the outcome than us. Sometimes we are trusting someone who actually can't be trusted.

My point here is to make you think and pay attention to the questions and answers that you come up with.

My answer is, where ever God takes me I will go. Whoever God has with me I will welcome them with open arms. Whatever route I take I will trust the path. Whatever point of travel I will have faith that it will get me there. I understand that if God brought me to it, He knows I can do it. He knows I will make it to the final destination. If I think my family will be the ones that get me there and God sends me a donkey, guess what, I am riding on the donkey. Nothing is my will but everything is God's will. Nothing is my purpose but His alone. How can I go wrong? How can I fail? I can't, not when I trust, believe, and have faith in God.

In God I trust. With God, I travel.



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