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A Kiss from Rose| April 27th

Getting to your destination was always the goal. Meaning, you prayed for where you would end up, but not necessarily how you would get there.

Start praying for these things:

The destination

The route(s)

The companion(s)

The environment

The means of travel

God to be with you

We all have lost our way at some point. Some of us are looking to begin our journey, have forgotten to enjoy the view, or have left God out of our plans. Just hit the reset button. Pray. Ask God to come in. Start your journey. You are moments from your destination. The question for today is, do you know where you are going?


" For me, I thought I had it all in the bag until I looked at another woman and realized I could be doing so much more. She made me want to be better, without a word, without a look, and a sound. Without her being in the room, her presence was still loud. Yeah, I still had work to do.

Allow people to motivate you to greatness. Two strong women holding their own shouldn't be intimated by one another; it should show you strength in the other. Congratulating one another for unique attributes should be a more common thing. It should also motivate you to continue to level up. Don't stop." - Alston Shropshire

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Unknown member
Apr 27, 2021

Amen striving to level up!


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