A Kiss from Rose| April 25th

John the Apostle Facts

Generally listed as the youngest apostle. His brother was James, who was another of the Twelve Apostles.

James and John are listed among the Twelve Apostles. Jesus referred to the pair as "Boanerges" (translated "sons of thunder"); although their nature was calm and gentle, when their patience was pushed to its limits their anger became wild and thunderous causing them to speak out like an untamed storm.

John the Evangelist, the author of the fourth gospel account, is symbolized by an eagle – a figure of the sky, and believed by Christian scholars to be able to look straight into the sun. This symbolizes that Christians should look on eternity without flinching as they journey towards their goal of union with God.

Jesus loved John most.

Church tradition has held that John is the author of the Gospel of John and four other books of the New Testament – the three Epistles of John and the Book of Revelation.

Let's read all of the books John wrote to finish out the month. Do you know any famous quotes of John? I will have the answers on tomorrow.


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