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A Kiss from Rose an Extra Dose

How can you love your family and hold grudges? How can you love a stranger and not love your family that shares the same blood? How can you say you love your brother/ sister and not love their child? How can you love a child and not love their parent? How can you walk in love and not do your part completely? Yes, respect is important to us, but love is important to God. Do not get me wrong I too want to be respected, but we all desire genuine love. I love you is the most overused and undervalued three commonly used words. Especially by family. Stop holding on to your parents' hurt and pain, they didn't want to feel it either. Yes, you know how they treated your father/mother ( even though they don't think so), still walk in love. Yes, they treated your brother/ sister wrong and you are trying to uphold one side or the other, that weight is not your to carry; walk in love. The cousins use to be the very first friends you ever had, but now you are at odd, not knowing why; walk in love. Family is the most important relationship you can ever have. It sets the foundation you will have for the rest of your life. You grow up with family first! So this is where you learn the behaviors of lying, keeping secrets, stealing, being strong, being weak, trustworthiness, loneliness, abandonment, effective communications, great comprehension, neediness, independence, and countless others. So to all of the elders, the children learned most of their behaviors from YOU! Directly or indirectly!


Before you become objective to the content, sit back, and think; if this doesn't apply to me does it apply to my children? Then ask them. Sometimes we hold stuff so deep within for over 50 years and forgot it's there. It just manifests in our actions and we forgot why.

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