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A Kiss from Rose| Almost at the finish line

I am so overwhelmed with emotions.

Every roadblock didn't stop me.

Every setback didn't hold me back.

Through every trial, I gave God the glory.

When they said no, God said YES!

The salt they put on my name gave me flavor!

When they tried to kill me, God revived me! He made me the beneficiary of favor, abundance, a never-ending fruitful harvest, excellent children,

stability, a sound mind, a God-given covering, and the lack of no good thing.

GPA 3.55

I am almost at the finish line and some weeks away;

degree me, please, and thank you!

God will do it for you. He did it and is doing it for me. I believe He will do it for you as well. How can I doubt God? After ALL, He has brought me through! I don't worry about what THEY say because I know who HE is!

They said my children would fail in life. He has made my children successful!

They said I would be a statistic! He is breaking the stigma on my life!

They said I would be a generational project living woman. He has made me a homeowner of 16 years and counting!

They said your heart is functioning at 15%. God touched my heart, and I am functioning at

40 %.

My God, doesn't fail!


" Put your hands together and give God some praise! ( Humming and Singing.. You don't know what I have been through. I serve a mighty good God! He saaaaaavvved my soul! Lord keep on keeping me!)" - Alston Shropshire



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