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A Kiss from Rose| A Morning Prayer

Starting your day off with prayer is a powerful thing. It is activating your expectations of the Lord. It is the best conversation of the day.

Father God, thank You for waking up with me. Thank You for covering me through the night. Thank You for Your Son Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Thank you for the blood of Jesus Christ. Thank You for redeeming my soul. Thank You for being a forgiving Father. Father, thank You for covering my household. Thank You for walking through and around my dwelling. Thank You for creating a stable and peaceful environment. Father, I thank You for the loving bond between my family and myself. I thank You for being the overseer of my home's finances. Thank you for the debt cancellation and financial freedom. I thank You for an overflow of income. Father, thank You for creating me to be actively spiritually sound and wise. Thank You for my gifts and anointing. Continue to protect me along this life's journey. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.


"I believe I receive all of my favored promises from God."- Alston Shropshire



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