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Extra Dose | Financial Fast Recap Instructions

Let's see what we can accomplish this year financially. Let's see how much we can save from July 1, 2022, until January 1, 2023!

Let's take accountability and responsibility for our savings and be good stewards of our finance. Are you ready to save? Do you have a goal in mind?

If you can freely give to restaurants and other activities, you can also set something aside for yourself.

Every morning when you read Grandma's Corner, let's send up a little prayer for the subscribers and others worldwide attempting to meet their goals. Let's do it together! Let's hold the next person's hand and cheer them on while praying for an increase.

How much change do you have in the car or your purse? Let's include those in our total. Every little bit helps, right?

Here is an example of some saving techniques:

If you were going to the restaurant and would always get a dessert, let's skip it and add your dessert money to your savings! Some restaurants' desserts cost $12-15 dollars!

Let's do the math!

There are at least four weeks in each month. We are fasting for six months. So, 4x6=24x12 =288.00 or 4x6=24x12 =360.00.

WOW! Look at the saving just from desserts.

Don't get desserts; let's take a look at the appetizers. Try opting out of the appetizer or the main course and get your savings there.

An appetizer is at least 8-10 dollars! Let's do the math.

4x6=24x8 =192 or 4x6=24x10 =240

Isn't that great!

If you go somewhere and are going to buy something and change your mind, guess what? Add that money to the pot! You can also save by using this method.

If you purchase something for someone, scale down 2-3 dollars and put that (2.00- 3.00) to the side for yourself. Two to three dollars shouldn't make that much difference in your gift.

All loose change, even the ones you find, put in a cup and save it until January 1.

I know the holidays are coming up, but this is for you! Are you going to short-change yourself? I hope not!

We are praying and fasting in Grandma's Corner for financial blessings; well, we must also put in the work. Faith without work is dead! January 2, 2023, take a total of your savings and see if you met your goal. We all are praying for and with one another.

During each month, fast one day. Any day that you choose. From 8 am to noon. That's only four hours! Water only.

Follow at your discretion. Please follow your doctor's instructions if you have any medical issues or dietary restrictions.

Father, we come together, touching and agreeing for a God-given financial harvest. We are asking for an abundant increase to our finances. We ask in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, for debt cancellation. Father, we ask for wisdom over our finances. We ask that everyone exceeds their goals. In Jesus' name, amen.

Money Prayer Recap

As we are well into our financial fast, we are all praying for an increase in our finances. Money is something we all need. We need money to finance higher education or businesses. Whether to pay the bills or take care of our children or family, we need money to do it.

As we touch and agree with our savings and take heed to God as He leads us into financial favor, below is a prayer to start our day regarding our finances or money.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for breathing life into my body once again. Thank You for shielding me and providing me with the whole armor of God. Father, today I stand together on one accord, interceding on one another's behalf regarding our finances. As I pray for myself, I also agree with those reading this. Father, stretch out Your hand over my finances and increase my money in all directions.

Father, allow me to be a good steward of my finances. Father, cancel all debt that belongs to me and those inherited. Father, provide an overflow in each bank account. Provide an increase in my credit score and my credit limit. Father, where it says "pay to the order of," place my name on the line. Father, continue to be my benefactor. Continue to prove all of my needs. Father, because of You, I lack no good thing. Father, because of You, I am a money magnet.

Father, because of You, I do not chase money; the money finds me. Father, because of You, the money doesn't get lost on its way to me; it is not missing one dime; it gets delivered just as You ordered it. Father, because of You, no one is stealing my finances or assets from me. Father, allow the seeds I have sown to produce a miraculous financial harvest. Allow this financial blessing to be timeless without an end. Amen.

Link to Sobriety Prayer



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