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Corporate Fasting/Prayer: Check-In

Hey you guys, just doing today's final check-in. I hope all is well and you are moving forward with praise and thanksgiving. Friendly reminder, stay focused; you can do this. I have complete all but the seven remaining scriptures and the two additional scriptures and chapter reading. I am praying for and with you. We are so close to the finish line. You can do this! Here are two sermons you can watch that can keep you focused. One is in the link below, and the other is listed here:

I have watched it myself, and I must say it is a treat! Keeping your mind focused on the word of God is essential. Do not allow distractions to gain your attention. Remember, there is a reward for being obedient.

Here is also a prayer I would like to share.

Father, thank You for holding my hand during this journey. Thank You for guiding me to be obedient and participating in this corporate prayer and fasting. Thank You for showing Your face in my life and those who joined in. Thank You for wiping away the tears. Thank You for covering and honoring the people in my petition; and my prayers. Father, stretch Your hand across and over those that participated in the corporate fast and prayer session. Allow Your blood to run through each person's veins. Father God, from whom all blessings flow, touch, and heal every fiber, limb, organ, and cell in their body. Father, touch every chromosome in their DNA. Purify their heart and mind. Elevate each individual who was obedient in the corporate fast and prayer with an abundance of favor. Show Your face through them. Allow them to always look to You. Place them at the head of every favored place. Order their walk and carry them through. Allow the Holy Spirit to be with us always.

Father, again we ask that you cover those that are disabled, those with cancer, homeless, those that have drug, alcohol, or sex addiction, those in the hospital (sick and shut-in), and those with mental illness. Father, we give You the glory, honor, and praise, In Jesus' name. Amen.


*I do not own the rights of the videos/sermons

"There is nothing like someone checking in on you to make sure you arrive too. We all will have a great testimony while we give God the praise" - Alston Shropshire


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