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A Kiss from Rose | You Only Get One

You are only birthed one time; hence you only get one birth mother. Celebrate her, even if it is for birthing you. You would not be here if it were not for a conscious decision to have you. There are so many emotions a mother will go through in her life once her child is born. She is excited to see your face, nervous, and wondering if she will do a good job. Excited and possibly scared about the day you will be born. What will you look like, or who will you become. Nurturing you in her womb for about nine months in most cases, can you imagine all of the feelings your mother had? How about what you felt when giving birth to your child?

Let's take a look at Mary, Jesus' mother. Can you imagine what she felt on the day her Son was born? What are some of the feelings she could have possibly felt? How did Mary feel about her Son being born in the manger? What about all of those people coming to see her Son? How do you think Mary felt about her Son being the Messiah and did she know what it would entail? How about having to sit and watch her Son being crucified? How about being worshipped and praised? What did Mary think as her Son became the Son of man? Could Mary have imagined her Son still being talked about in 2022? How did Mary feel? What did Jesus' mother go through? How many tears of joy and sadness did she have?

As mothers, you never know the road your child will travel. A mother just knows they love their child unconditionally (or you should anyway). A mother intends to walk with their child until the end. A mother sits by their side during joyous occasions and willing to wipe their tears on many. Sometimes a mother will have to sit back and watch things happen to their child that they do not deserve. A mother may sit back with amazement as others shower their child with love and accolades, feeling proud. Other times a mother will watch, hoping that their child understands they will always love them. A mother also hopes their child appreciates all that they have done.

Mothers all around the world have made tremendous sacrifices. Take time to appreciate them today.

Even if your mother is no longer with you, she is still with you; tell her you love her.


"Spread love on today, and remember forgive and move forward."- Alston Shropshire

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