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A Kiss from Rose| You Can't Snatch My Dream

Never walk around blind to the fact that there is not a dream snatcher around every corner. Everyone is not happy about your dream becoming a reality. Everyone is not happy that you are happy. You may be a little happy, and they want to come and snatch that little ray of sunshine from you too—a bonafide killjoy. At first appearance, they are all smiles and cheer until you share your joy and happy-filled day. Some may ask, well, where do you find a dream snatcher or a killjoy? Oh my dear, they are not far. They may be some friends, relatives, those that live with you, on your job, heck sometimes it is you. Well, we are rebuking dream snatcher and killjoys spirits today! Let us be reminded; God gave us the dream and the joy we feel inside. No one has the right to attempt to snatch it away. How bold of you to think that you are mighty enough to go against something that is God-given?

Dream snatchers/ killjoys aren't happy when you:

Buy that home

Move into a better place

Buy that car

Start the business

Get married

Get the promotion

Get a job

Have a baby

Get engaged

Pay off the car/house

Are no longer sick

Follow your passion

Are happy

Are joyful

Have a relationship with God

Are stress-free

Have access to money

You don't have a job but still making it

Watch you being loved by others

Having a good day



Being blessed

It is sad when the closest individuals to you are not genuinely happy for you. It may not be the person, but what is working inside of that individual. Pray for them. God granting your dreams to come true doesn't dim their light, nor does it mean their dreams aren't yet on the way. Be happy for someone the same way you would want them to be happy for you.

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank You for being everything to us. We thank You for listening and honoring our prayers. Today, Father, we ask that you destroy the killjoy and dream snatching spirits that rest in those we come into contact with, those around us, and if it dwells in us. We want to be surrounded by genuine joy, the joy for our God-given blessings and dreams. We do not wish for negative attitudes or confusion surrounding our blessings. Continue to bless, cover, and grant us favor. In Jesus' name, Amen.


"When God gives it to you, it will come to pass." - Alston Shropshire


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