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A Kiss from Rose | Will You Just Watch Them Fall/Fail?

Most people say, " I love you," "I am praying for you," " That's my brother/ sister ( blood or in Christ)," and "Call me if you need anything." Some may even hold your hand as the Spirit fall upon you, yet they will let you fail or fall flat on your face!

Yes, we just came off of a fast, and yes, we just got through praying; nevertheless, reality still is looking us dead in the face. So the question for today is, will you let those around you fail/ fall?

If you know someone wants better for their life, will you encourage and aid them with the challenges you see?

Will you help them be better people, friends, employees, students, women, or men? Or will you watch them go down a dead-end road?

Will you shout with them at church for thirty years yet want to hold them back for desiring to be better?

Maybe your conversation, leadership qualities, or wisdom can help keep them from making a mistake or give them the confidence to move forward. If you know they are not equipped to succeed, will you pray for them? Will you stand in the gap? Will you utilize your connections to step in to help them out? Will you sit there and watch, then ask them to participate in something you are doing so that you succeed? Will you ask them to support you? As they are failing/ falling, will you still allow them to help you as long as you feel you won't fall with them? Will you send them into the brick wall or to the wolves without anything to help them be prepared or to keep them from failing/falling?

I challenge you to help your family, children, spouse, church members, sister, brother, and neighbor. Don't watch them fall/fail; help them! Or get help for them. We are in a new age; it doesn't have to be money; send them a link for what they are trying to do that can help them. Call an associate equipped in the area and send them their way. Making the phone call is free. Take time out of your schedule to sit and talk with them over dinner or lunch. Heck, sit at their house over a tuna fish sandwich and make an effort.

This person could very well be the person sitting at your bedside in the hospital praying for you. This person could be the same person who helps your children out later in life. This person could be the one who gives you a job or retire you from yours later in life.

People never forget how you made them feel or who took the time to help them.

It takes a village. We did not become today's people because Dr. Martin Luther King said it wasn't his responsibility and watched us fall/fail. We wouldn't be here if Harriet Tubman said, I got away forget the rest of them. We would not be here if grandma didn't open the door to her family. We wouldn't be here if the slaves didn't do the work, run and fight for us. We most certainly wouldn't be here if it weren't for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.

Someone stood in the gap, and we all are standing on the backs of someone else, don't watch the next person fall/fail, knowing good and well you didn't get where you are by your merit.

Help. Step in and step up.


" Don't watch me fail/fall, help me!" - Alston Shropshire

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