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A Kiss from Rose| Who Can You Talk To

Having someone you can "freely" talk to is very important. When you speak freely with someone, it should show the individual that you trust them. Being able to confide in a person is underrated. Trust is an essential quality. Everyone at some point wants to release the weight off of their shoulders. So, who can you talk to? I know I call my aunt about things you shouldn't tell your mother or friend. I have been doing this since childhood. It doesn't go any further, and she still loves me the same. I also have a childhood friend that is current with the "tea," so to speak. I trust her completely. Trust is a two-way street with both of them. I know not only should you know me through and through. I should know you as well. I always think about are we both a person who is sharing information. I have been burned with being so sharing along my journey in life. So, although I am open, I am careful as well.

There is one person, however, who is my constant listening ear; Jesus. I talk to Him about things my friends, aunt, and mother do not know about. One thing about talking to Jesus, He listens, comforts, and answers genuinely. He knows how to critique me without hurting my feelings. He knows when the tears are coming. He knows when I am holding back. Talking to Jesus is so freeing. There is never judgment. He doesn't push it back in your face as a reminder. I love talking to Him. I enjoy my phone conversations with my girls, aunt, mom, and husband, but nothing compares to Him.


" I should never feel like I can't tell you something if you are in my circle. If I have to watch you and the streets, something is wrong with that picture."- Alston Shropshire

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21 mai 2021



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