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A Kiss from Rose | When God Is In the Midst, The Enemy Will Not Exist

Seeking God when making decisions is the most effective thing to do. You are asking the “all-knowing.” Only God already knows the answers, the path, the direction, and who will help you along the way. How will you not have a favorable outcome?

Asking God to activate the Holy Spirit and discernment on your behalf is also crucial.

The reason these things are fool and enemy-proof is that when God is in the midst, the enemy can not exist.

The enemy knows that with God leading and guiding you in your decisions and path, he can not overpower or defeat God. Therefore, he will not be able to overpower and defeat you.

The enemy knows it will be a battle he will lose, so he will not show up.

Seek and activate God’s presence in your decision-making and every aspect of your life. Follow Him. Listen to Him. Trust Him.

Your results, answers, path, direction, and life will be favored!

Remember, when God is in the midst, the enemy will not exist!


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