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A Kiss from Rose| Trying On Another Person's Shoes Ain't Easy

Hey, I am guilty of this as well. It is hard to walk in someone's shoes. In most cases, we think we have all of the answers to someone's problems. We tend to cut them off to give them our opinion of what we think they should do. We tend not to listen, only to respond. Not a wise move at all. Most times, people don't even want to hear your story or walk in your shoes; they want to tell you how to walk, where to walk, and why you are walking.

While observing other people's shoes or problems, you must first fully pay attention, then have compassion, and be willing to attempt to comprehend the "sole" or "root" of the matter. Then you need to understand that this is their shoe or problem, and you are not wearing them or have the issue. You may or may not have any experience in how the "shoe" fits. Even if you have, you do not know how you would react or handle the situation. It is effortless to make a judgment call when your feet are not wet.

Not going to personalize this today, but I was hoping you could give a deep thought to wearing these people's shoes and how you would handle it or feel. Over thousands of years, people give opinions on matters they have no idea of how it feels to be in that position—lacking compassion, empathy, concept, rationalization, comprehension, and common sense. Can you even imagine going through or wearing these shoes?

God- Creating all things in the world, and some people don't ever believe in you? How about giving your only Son to grant everyone everlasting life, only for some not to believe in Him? How would you feel? Could you wear these shoes?

Jesus- Being the "One" who took on the sins of us all. At the same time, hanging on the cross to be spit on and denied as the true Messiah. Knowing who you are to people and all of the things you do for them, how some people won't spread the gospel, acknowledge you, or call on your name? How would you feel? Could you wear these shoes?

The devil- I know this is a strange one, but how would you feel to be kicked out of heaven? You got to feel mighty low. A fool, even. How would you feel being so close to God and be denied? How would you feel pretending to have power, knowing you are powerless? That is a hard job, time-consuming, and always ending up on the losing side. I wouldn't want to wear his shoes. I would not want God to cast me out. Some people give the devil more power than he has, and even he knows it.

You see, concept, rationalization, comprehension, and common sense are just as necessary when it comes to wearing someone's shoes as compassion and empathy.

Whether you are on the "Good side" or "Bad side," wearing someone else's shoes isn't as easy as you think. It's hard enough to wear the shoes you have on.


"You weren't built to walk in my shoes." -Alston Shropshire

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