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A Kiss from Rose | Try This Today

Do the best you can.

Pray constantly.

Forgive others.

Walk in love.

Give people a chance.

One of the things you can do in life is to do the very best you can. Give everything all that you have. No matter the outcome.

Constantly praying is communicating with God. He is the one who makes way for things to be fixed or how they operate anyway.

Forgive others the same way you would want to be forgiven. No one is perfect. Every person is trying to do their best to navigate this world with their upbringing and the cards they were dealt.

Walking in love is a challenging walk at times. Yet it is the best way to walk. People would rather experience love than hate. People want love rather than unforgiveness and love rather than unkindness.

Giving people a chance is the hardest thing to do because they have not forgiven the last person for making a mistake, so everyone must pay. Sometimes you have people giving opportunities to those who do not appreciate or want a chance. Sometimes it is hard to believe that people will do right. It is hard to believe that this person is deserving.

Today, especially, I want you to...

Do the best you can.



Walk in love.

Give someone a chance. If you know of someone looking for an opportunity and you can do it, give that person a chance. Are you having a hard time with this one? Think back to when someone gave you a chance.


"I thank God for providing me with opportunities everyday. I thank God for His love. I thank God for forgiving me. I thank God for allowing me to talk to Him. I thank God for accepting my best efforts, even when I miss the mark." - Alston Shropshire

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