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A Kiss from Rose | Think About It

How does it feel to constantly give, bless, support, comfort, listen, relieve, and be there from the beginning, only not to recognize, to be treated as if you have never done anything, mean nothing, and like you have brought nothing the table?

Does this seem to be true for you in your relationships, marriage, or work relationships?

Well, how do you think God feels when you can't give Him a "hallelujah" praise? When you walk around as if you did it by yourself. When you act as if it was the first group of people supporting you the whole way through was the reason you made it, not knowing they were enemies God used as your footstools. God put you in the position and supplied the people to get you there, enemies and all.

As you sat and cheered for those whom you thought to be the best thing that ever happened to you, but God heard those conversations.

You see, God has your back, but He doesn't get recognized by you. Again, God put you in the position, not people, yet you act as if He has done nothing. When no one answered your calls or listened to your complaints, God did. When no one was there to wipe the tears, God did. But when the pain is gone, no one remembers. When submerged in joy and happiness, you forget who was there in the beginning and through the darkest days. God.

Just think about it today. How does God feel about your treatment of Him? Then think about how you are treating or mistreating the people who have always had your back. Once you get this together, a shift will come.


" Who is mistreating God, then asking for a blessing?" - Alston Shropshire



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