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A Kiss from Rose | The Unappreciated and Undervalued Prayer

Father, thank You for the gift of another day. Thank You for Your unconditional love yesterday, today, and the days ahead.

Father, I wish to stand in the gap for the unappreciated and undervalued.

Grant them undeniable confidence in themselves. Grant them all wisdom and understanding regarding how worthy they are.

Father, allow them to receive confirmation of how appreciated and valuable they are.

Cast out and destroy doubt in their mind, heart, and spirit of unworthiness, lack of greatness, and value.

Father, encamp them with love, gratitude, favor, and Your constant presence.

Allow negative words, actions, plots, misusing behaviors, imps, and evil principalities to be blocked by Your shield and destroyed that were coming their way.

Allow them to be the apple of Your eyes all the days of their lives.

All of these things I ask through Christ Jesus, amen.




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