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A Kiss from Rose | The Process of a Seed

God already created the seed just like He created you. Seeds also have to fulfill God's purpose to become a flower or the final product of whatever the seed is; however, there is a process, just like anything else.

Without giving you an entire science lesson on germination, I am sure you understand what I mean by the process.

Seeds are usually planted in soil. They need water, sunlight, darkness, air, and the right temperature. Not all seeds require the same amount of these things. They will become fragile, die, or stunt their growth if they have too much or too little.

It is the same thing with us. God has to ensure He plants us and provides us with the things we need to become the people He needs us to be while fulfilling His purpose. Most people complain about the rainy days and when things seem too hot to handle, but these too are needed to grow.

Just like the seed sprouting, it too must withstand the wind, rain, and harshness of the sunlight. Seeds, too, must weather the storms. Yet, they continue to grow. So must you.

When you look at your beautiful flowers on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or your birthday, you see a final product, not the process. Did you ever think, "what did these flowers go through to get here?"

The process may or may not be easy, but the final product will be beautiful. God has everything you need in place to survive. You must believe and continue to trust Him.

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Anna Pauline "Pauli" Murray was an American civil rights activist who became a lawyer, women's rights activist, Episcopal priest, and author. Drawn to the ministry in 1977, Murray was the first African-American woman to be ordained as an Episcopal priest, in the first year that any women were ordained by that church.



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Feb 08, 2022

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Feb 08, 2022
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