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A Kiss from Rose| The Job Description and Responsibilities

Everyone wants the job or the title but is everyone looking at the job description and responsibilities? You may or may not qualify for the position. The reward or pay may sound reasonable. I have heard many say fake it until you make it. Well, that to me is not a great idea. However, when you take the time to read the job description or responsibilities, you may think twice before jumping into the position—ever heard of the word disclaimer? Well, we need to look at job descriptions and responsibilities as just that, a disclaimer. It is almost a warning, so to speak.

Want to be a mother/ father? Did you think about what all comes with that? How about a wife/ husband? How about a pastor /first lady? A teacher? A president? A homeowner? How about a doctor? What about a Christian?

It is easy to think about the reward or pay when it comes to what we want. We often forget about the hard work, dedication, responsibilities, and duties that go with it. We forget when we may be under-appreciated, overlooked, or underpaid, and possibly how often we want to give up. Let alone if we are doing these things correctly or with good intentions. Are we even capable of the job in the first place?

Seek God first, ask Him for the job or position you are capable of doing throughout its entire course. Ask Him for things where you can do them with a sincere and genuine heart. Ask Him to bring forth those things where the description and responsibilities line up with the Word of God and your capabilities to fulfill the task. Ask Him for the things that will not cause stress to others or that you may lead someone astray or abandoned.



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