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A Kiss from Rose | The Children I Raised

At some point and time in life, all parents will lay down at least one night and think, "This is the child I raised." Whether you feel like you did a good job or not, it was your responsibility, assignment, and job. Yes, children may have outside influences; however, their core foundations are all you. So if you see behaviors early on and do not put them in check, those are rearing that will bite you later. Parents have to take responsibility for what they are accepting from their child(ren). What you allow, the world may not accept. The question is, are you setting your child(ren) up for failure?

If your child(ren) are selfish, show no self-control, are rude, are manipulative, and have no compassion, where did they learn these behaviors? Remember the saying, "spare the rod spoil the child (Proverb 13:24 Whoever spares the rod hates their children,

but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.)?"

Is it hard for you to get your child(ren) to do anything for you, let alone anyone else? Is it all about them? If it is not for them, then they are not interested? I am sure some parents are coming up with five different people to blame. The thing is, these are learned behaviors on your watch. Corrections should have happened on your shift. I had to work; it is not an excuse. Their other parent wasn't there isn't an excuse, neither is them being with other family members the majority of the time.

So as you sit there in shock because they won't take you to the store, pick up your prescription, pay their bills, or do their chores. As you sit there and give, give, give. You realize you are afraid, afraid that you have gotten it wrong in raising your child and that all hope is lost. Many parents even become fearful of their children.

Here is the thing, God can fix it. It is not too late. In your moment of being shocked, while your hand is over your face and the tears are rolling down your face, give your child(ren) back to God. Forgive yourself. Have a conversation with your child(ren). Let's break these generational curses of...

lack of accountability

lack of responsibility

lack of forgiveness

lack of communication

lack of parental skills

lack of comprehension

lack of obedience

lack of respect

lack of discipline

lack of order

lack of prayer

not involving God

So today, let us pray.

Father, we thank and worship You. Forgive us for not being great parents. We have failed our child(ren), and we do not want them to fail in life. Cover them during their journey in life. Father, we give ourselves and our child(ren) back to You. Father, we are petitioning You to right the wrongs that were done. Help us all understand the part that we played and be receptive to the corrections necessary to move forward. Father, only You are the ultimate parent, yet we strive every day to be more like You. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.


" I was like ten boys as a child. I am thankful I was given back to God. I am so grateful my boys were nothing like me." -Alston Shropsire

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Unknown member
Jul 25, 2021

Our children are the future! Let us handle our parenting responsibilities with care!


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