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A Kiss from Rose | The Audacity

The audacity that you have is bold. How dare you? Who do you think you are? Not sure of what the audacity is, exactly? Well, let's jump right into some scenarios.

How dare you get on your knees to pray yet touch the anointed children that belong to God?

Just who do you think you are walking around with judging eyes while carrying the book with the Lord's words in it?

The nerve of you to speak with a lying tongue yet want the truth out of others.

How dare you mistreat your friends then expect them to be there for you?

Is it fair to only want order when it pertains to your household, but you are out of order in everyone else's?

Your last name means nothing to you, yet you have the audacity to want someone to carry it.

The gall of you to want someone to love and spoil you when you can't do either for yourself.

You have some nerve mistreating children, but want everyone to treat yours like a princess or a king.

You have the bold audacity to walk in love with everyones' parent but your own.

How dare you mistreat your spouse then expect them to love you two seconds later? The gall?

You talk about loyalty, but you are not loyal to the one where your blessings come.

The nerve to ask for grace, favor, and mercy when you are not giving that to the ones that help you most.

You wanted peace in your marriage, yet you wreak havoc in your children's marriage—the nerve.

You aren't kind to the elderly, special needs individuals, the sick, or the homeless, but you expect kindness—the audacity.

You often forget about the people who were there for you yet want everyone to remember you. Yes, it's an audacity moment.

You have a smile on the outside, broken on the inside, and tears at night, telling me everything is alright. You are not keeping it real with yourself or me—the nerve.

The audacity to want to be bigger than the team, than wanting the team to be big. You are not doing it alone. You have some nerve.

You can ask me for everything, and I can't ask you for anything; where do they do that at?

Sometimes, in life, we need a reminder of what we do or what goes on. Some people think this is ok to do. When in all actuality, people are thinking, "they have the audacity, what in the Johnny Blue Blaze is going on, or they must think I am Boo- Boo the Fool."

Let's not walk in the audacity; let's walk with authority.


" My cash app will probably ring with this one, or my donate button will. I don't have a collection plate, but this was a sermon in itself." -Alston Shropshire


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