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A Kiss from Rose| Thankful Thursday

Keep thankful praises in your mouth! There is so much gratefulness surrounding us all. Amid the sunshine, be ever more grateful. During the weary day, be not only thankful for those but in the belief that it will all be over soon—weary days strengthen your faith and gives you wisdom.

In all things, give thanks!

I am thankful for these things today:

I am thankful for the guardian angels God has sent my way to help me.

I am thankful to everyone that is surrounding me with love and good intentions.

I am thankful for the powerful tongue God gave me.

I am thankful for the storms that came my way; He trusted me to pass the test.

I am thankful for the rain that watered the seeds in the ground so that I would benefit from its harvest.

I am thankful that He abides in me.

Be thankful every day of your life because each day is a blessing from God.


I am thankful for my grandmother " Rose," Rosa Alston Frasier.



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