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A Kiss from Rose| Super Natural Covering

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Sometimes when there is so much going on, you do not know what to pray. The words are not formulated correctly. The moans can not come out properly. As the tears fall, you begin to hope God is examining your heart for how you are feeling in the moment.

Father, I thank You for Your supernatural power. I am grateful that You not only hear me when I pray in accordance with Your will but also answer to perform Your will and purposes in my life.

Remind me, Father, how You moved mountains, parted seas, sent food from heaven, faithfully led Your people in the wilderness, and always provided by doing the same for me as I continue to praise Your name.

Father, have mercy on my soul. Father, do not leave my side. I am scared. Father, I need Your help through this situation. Shield and cover me in the valley and the darkness. Father, I can't make it without You. I need a supernatural miracle.

Father, stretch out your hand over me. You are still on Your throne and in control no matter what I see, hear, feel, and experience. Assure me that You work behind the scenes on my behalf even when it appears nothing good is happening. Let me see Your footprints—how goodness and mercy always follow me.

Father, I have faith that you will grant me victory and take away this pain supernaturally, in Jesus' name, amen.


"God's supernatural powers can reach the tiniest of places." - Alston Shropshire



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