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A Kiss from Rose | Sunshine

God has provided us with things that we take for granted. Simple things, like sunlight. The sunlight is there and has many benefits, yet we overlook them. We go about our day searching the internet for something that can help us when God has already provided our needs. I thank God for the sun shining on my face every day because it is a blessing to me and my body.

Here are some benefits the sun shining benefits us.

It improves your sleep

Helps maintain strong bones

Keeps the weight off

Reduces stress

Fights depression

Increase your energy

Gives you a happier mood

Improves mental health conditions

Precursor of Vitamin D

God said in His Word; He has provided all of our needs. Look to God; He has the answers.


*Black History Facts

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The African presence in Charleston and the South Carolina Lowcountry is well documented, but much less is known of the locations from which this group came. At last, we are beginning to understand Africa as an entire continent, not a single country, which opens our eyes to the multiple ethnic and geographic groups that first populated the region beginning in the 16th century through the 19th century, when official importation of enslaved workers ended.


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