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A Kiss from Rose | Stop Pretending

How many of you pretend that everything is going just fine; however, you are not ok? How many of you walk into a room with a smile when your heart is aching? How many of you pretend so well that no one notices you are completely falling apart? How many of you pretend you are happy pleasing others when you want to be pleased? Whether you are the one pretending or the person that is not noticing, there is no blame. Let's redirect the focus. No matter what you are going through or how you are feeling, God will hold you. God will keep you, and He will lift you. How many times have you gone through the pains of life, and God has been there? How many times has He saved you? You can pretend with people, but you can not pretend with God. Why we try to "save" face with people is something we all need to examine. Everyone is not always ok. So everyone should have some form of understanding of the trials and tribulations of life.

When you feel like collapsing, be sure to collapse in the arms of God.

When you feel like you must pretend, walk boldly in your feelings while trusting that the feeling will not last long.

When you feel like the hurt is unbearable, know that God will ease the pain.

Understand that on the other side of what you are pretending to hide, God is there.

The message is stop pretending; God is with you.


" Many days, I wish I could crawl into my grandmother's bed. It was my safe place. She never let me down. She never turned her back. But she taught me that God is with me every day, and I will always be ok."- Alston Shropshire


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Unknown member
Oct 10, 2021

Amen, we can make it with God.


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