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A Kiss from Rose | Stay Out The Marriage

Stop soliciting your advice into people’s marriages.

A marriage is between a husband, wife, and God.

Allow those people who are committed to one another to become one truly. One in their decisions, actions, and choices because their oneness affects them and their household.

The love that is shared is between them, something no one understands. The love you may have for them no one understands because it’s unique to you.

Although your advice may be requested, be careful of your response and always tell them to pray on the matter, and no matter what, you will support whichever way they decide to go. To allow God to lead them.

Uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, and sisters, YOU are not married to their spouse. Do not cause division in someone’s marriage with your comments. Mothers, fathers, and grandparents, you all have had your time in your marriages. Do you remember what it was like to have someone in your spouse's ear or someone not liking you in the family?

Friends and coworkers, you as well are included this is not tea these are lives and this is love.

Causing strife in a person’s marriage does not add to the love and happiness they are trying to have.

Doesn’t everyone want the same thing from marriage: to be loved, respected, have companionship, and be happy?

Is anyone signing up to fight and argue due to outside influences?

How often are you inviting a married couple to participate in fun and joyous activities?

How often are you giving them lovely places to celebrate their anniversary or birthdays?

If you have been married, you know that marriage can be a lot of work; let’s make it easier for couples by not advising discord, strife, and division.

Let’s show love, and support and point them in the direction of God during difficult times.




Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this a safe space.

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