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A Kiss from Rose| Standing Together as One: The Removal

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Today we stand together as one and on one accord. I appreciate every one of you that has joined in this corporate prayer and fasting. Not only are we praying and petitioning for ourselves, but others as well. Today, we will discuss the removal of things. I know some here are new to fasting and praying, and congratulations on new beginnings. I know God is pleased. Some are veterans and may do fine, but check out the list of things you may want to be removed following the prayer if you forget something.

Father, thank You for waking me up with a sound mind. Thank You for guiding me to be obedient and participating in this corporate prayer and fasting. I am confident this desire is God-given. My motive is in the right place. Father, You know my spiritual objectives as I press towards the goal. My desire for personal blessings is balanced by genuine concern for others. Father, honor the petitions of others joining in this fast as I stand in agreement with them. Father, cover those that are disabled, those with cancer, homeless, those that have drug, alcohol, or sex addiction, those in the hospital (sick and shut-in), and those with mental illness. Father, I am focused on you. Father, I am petitioning for the removal of this list of things as well, with no harm coming to anyone to receive it:


Wayward mind


Lack of focus

Possessive/Controlling behavior

Lack of emotions

Lack of forgiveness

Lack of effective communication

Lack of love

Lack of respect

Lack of humility


Unwillingness to listen

Using others





Lack of confidence

Lack of self-control



The inability to stand up for self


Lack of comprehension


Financial hardship

Lack of commitment

Drug addiction

Sex addiction

Alcohol addiction


Lack of compassion

Lack of empathy



Lack of motivation

In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

( Please feel free to add on more things)

The instructions for the corporate fast and prayer is on the previous post.

Have a blessed rest of your day. Remember, there is a blessing on the way.


" We must stand together. Let us pray." - Alston Shropshire

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