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A Kiss from Rose|September 7th

Life will have you taking a step back and thinking, "I know I didn't put forth this type of energy or fruit out into this world", what is going on here? Often the energy that is coming back to us is not necessarily for us. It is something that will define the path that person will soon travel. For example, if you are in the field picking fruits or vegetables, some are not ripe and some may have spoiled; your job is only to pick the ready ones. That means that everything else isn't for you. There will be someone else that comes along to handle that part. Stay on the assignment that God has for you. If you know that the energy that God is sending you is ripe, powerful, good, and favored, then focus on the energy that is coming with those things.

Karma doesn't apply here because if you have put out good, good will come back. If you have put out bad, malice, or negative things, well then you know Karma will apply (reaping what you have sown).


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