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A Kiss from Rose|September 30th

Think you are all high and mighty, don't you? You have it going on, don't you? You are nothing more than a USER! Yup, I said it. You use God when things are going bad in your life. Call Him in times of darkness, when you are weak and a storm in your midst. Sure, that is the perfect person to call! There is no denying that. But what about when times are great. Oh, no, your husband, wife, daughter, mom, or friend gets the credit. When the business is booming, and the champagne is pouring you get the credit for that. When the money is rolling in, it's your bright idea. During this time, you are now too busy to be bothered with God. You can't seem to fit, church, a prayer, or praise in for the Master. Instead of you allowing yourself to be used by Him, you are the user. I have spoken about this before, but I think I only stepped on a few toes. I need to get all ten toes, yes, the pinky toe too. When your mother was sick, your child in a sticky situation, when death was knocking on your door; you were calling the prayer warriors, calling God directly, even had Him on speed dial. When He was speaking to you, your ears were pressed against His lips. Now you don't know Him, you are sending Him to voicemail, telling Him to hold up a sec, saying things like this is too churchy, and distancing yourself; until you need Him again. The audacity. The nerve. The boldface gall of you. To use God in such a manner, in any manner for that fact. To use God for His countless gifts like mercy, grace, favor, and anointing. Yet, you won't allow Him to use you to give Him the glory. To use your gift in ministry. Yes, you are a user. How can you carelessly use a man so great to you, like an old pair of sneakers and toss Him aside?

It's hard to read things like grandma's corner, right? Extra hard to pick up the bible 4 times a month? Hard to pray and speak His name every day in a dedicated conversation with Him? Isn't that right? So hard, and you are way too busy?

Let's change"user" behaviors. We all miss the mark, but using God shouldn't be one of them. He has just been way too good to us.




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