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A Kiss from Rose|September 27th

Most people take the time to say their grace, to thank God for the food they are about to eat. Back to the basics, as I call it in the book Prayers and Wisdom from Grandma's House. Have you also taken the time to thank the person who prepared the meal? Who cleans up after everyone is done eating? It is even OK to thank yourself if you are the one doing all of the work for yourself, after saying your grace of course.

Everyone deserves a "thank you"; the food creator, the food purchaser, the food preparer, the person that does the dishes, cleans the table, and puts away the food.

Often we all forget about what all it takes to put the food on the table. We tend to leave God out, we tend to not appreciate the person not doing the work. Let's change the narrative, let's do better.

*God will prepare a table before your enemies. He will allow you to eat off of the harvest. He will provide for you. When He has prepared the table, don't forget to glorify His name.*



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