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A Kiss from Rose|September 23rd

What a perfect picture. As we wake up day either thankful for the job/ career that we have, looking for that job/career, or dreading the one we have; we understand the dynamics and necessity of being employed. We understand there is fulfillment, joys, stress, stability, and happiness. Although this picture seems to be perfect and as if it's a perfect job environment, I want to focus on the reality of some toxic job environments. The reality is there can be so much politics, provision of position, unfairness, micromanaging, manager, team lead or director that acts as if their name is on the outside of the company and are coming up with their own set of rules, corruption, lack of unity, high school behaviors, underhandedness, overstepping boundaries, sexual harassment, delegating of unauthorized work assignment, mistreatment of a good worker, setups for termination and favoritism just to name a few.

Well, when you look at this some may think, this can't be, or it isn't that bad. Tell that to the people that are living this every day. The people who are just trying to have a stable place of employment to take care of themselves and/or their families. How many tears have they cried? How many times have they prayed?

Are you the person crying and praying? Don't stop praying. Let us all pray together.

Father God, I thank You for shielding me through the night so that I can praise Your name in the morning. Father, I ask that You cover me on my job. Protect me from the enemy that is trying to unjustly attack me. I am innocent, I have a clean and pure heart. I walk in love in my work environment. I do all that I can to help those all around me, including my enemies. Hide me Father in the places that I need to be hidden and show me in places where I need to shine through. The attacks in this place are toxic, unfair, and unhealthy. I know this is not of You. You are a just God and You uphold the righteous. I am surrounded by the enemy, show You face that I am covered in your blood by You. Show Your face that I am anointed, that I will be victorious and am favored by You. I ask that You bind and destroy the enemy. I ask that you surround me with people of You, that will help, guide, and support me. The right people, with good intentions and a good heart. Father, I plea Psalm 57, 27, 91, and 23 over my life and this situation. Father, You said in Your word, that Your words will not come back null or voided. Lord, I trust and believe in Your word and that You will protect and cover me. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.



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Sep 23, 2020



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