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A Kiss from Rose|September 22nd

Underestimated. Often the people that are counted out, expected to not be worth anything, expected to lose, seemingly do not have much to offer, not appearing to be favorable, or not worthy are most often underestimated by "people". They are never underestimated by God. So never feel less than, because you do not have others cheering you on, or like the obstacle you are facing is too hard to overcome. Walk boldly in confidence that God is with you. Let's take a look at some underestimated people in the bible and think about how it all turned out.

David- He was small and wasn't expected to defeat the giant Goliath. The odds appeared to be against him. He won the battle.

Daniel- He stood in the lion's den and should have been devoured. God sent His angel to protect him. He won the battle.

Noah- Everyone thought he was crazy for building the ark. Through faithfulness and obedience, he and his family survived the destruction. He won the battle.

Joseph- He was cast out by his brothers and sold into slavery. He later became the great advisor to Pharaoh and eventually help his brothers. He won the battle.

Moses- Moses was abandoned as a child to spare his life. Sent up a river's stream (literally). After ending up in slavery, he later freed the people of Egypt. He won the battle.

Ruth- A widow, she remained loyal to her mother in law and eventually married a wealthy man named Boaz (some may have thought her life would have been lonely and in the shadows, but God). She won this battle.

Mary- Everyone accused her of not being a virgin, and not carrying the Son of God. Everyone was wrong. She won this battle.

Jesus- They accused Him of not being the Son of God. They crucified Him. They said that He would not rise. He IS the Son of God and He has risen. He is still winning battles today.

Even in underestimation, give God the glory, for the battle is already won.


I may be underestimated, nevertheless I know I will win the battle. God is with me.


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