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A Kiss from Rose|September 21st

Sometimes you have to take a closer look at the things you say. You have to take the time to fully dissect it from all sides. Children come to their conclusions and parents do the same in some instances. Without a conversation, neither knows the full story. Only their point of view. We all want someone to understand why we are the way we are, but rarely have the compassion of fully understanding another person.

For example, to some degree, you have whatever feelings about your parents. The question is do you know everything about your parents? Do you know what happened when they were 5 years old? The type of environment they lived in? How did they feel on a day to day basis? What traumatic experiences did they face? What about at 10-15, 19-39, or 40-60 years of age? In most cases, not even their parents know the whole story. I'm sure there are a few friends that can tell you something that your grandparents, have no clue about concerning your parents; and vice versa. Hence, this would mean you are missing a whole lot of details when drawing your conclusion. This would be the same scenario for the parents about the children. Parents are not around their child 24 hours of the day. They are at school, with their friends, or out of your site at some point and time in their life. The only person that knows every waking second of each person's life is God. Everyone is looking through their rose-colored glasses at their parents, children, family, friends, pastor, first lady, co-worker, neighbor, or spouse even. It's simple, look at things in black in white from a conversation, directly from the person, only then will your conclusion be more accurate. Ask questions. Have the conversation.

Walking around with assumptions without clarity is unnecessary baggage.


Everyone has a story, take the time to get to know them, because judging a book by the cover isn't always accurate.



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