A Kiss from Rose|September 20th

How can we, the children of God, walk in hate? Didn't God say to love one another? How do you praise God and mistreat your children? How do you praise God in the sanctuary, and won't speak to the church member sitting on the other side of the sanctuary? How do you give your best hallelujah shout, and won't give the person speaking to you acknowledgment? How do you speak in tongues but won't speak to family members? How do you usher people in the church doors but won't let anyone into your heart because they did someone you know wrong? How can you sing a song of praise, but talk about someone like less than a human being? How can you complete the duties in the church but won't help your in-laws? Some may say it is easy, to some of these things, but is God pleased?

Is God pleased when you give the cold should and not walk in love?



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