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A Kiss from Rose | Running You Down

The road gets long when you are chasing something that seems unattainable. Have you ever gotten tired of "running something down?"

Running behind something with anticipation that you will receive whatever you want.

Have you forgotten about running behind your child's other parent for money to feed or clothe your child?

How about going into the office time and time again for a raise? Only for the boss to say come back on Tuesday or Thursday, and I will make time to hear your petition, only to listen to the same thing again.

How about running behind a person for love or attention, only to be ignored or dismissed?

Have you ever disagreed with a spouse repeatedly about the same thing with no resolve? Did it not feel like you were running behind someone to be heard or your feeling to be validated?

How often have you run behind someone to take you to the store, a doctor's appointment, or the pharmacy, but you got nowhere?

Mentally and physically taxing, did you one day come to a point where you just stopped running?

Man will have you doing just that running behind them. But there is a God who sits on high, whom you will never have to run behind. You will never have to beg for your blessings to come your way. You will never have to run behind God to express your feeling. You do not have to run behind God to feel loved, wanted, or needed. When you sit with God, you are not exhausted; you are joyful. When you sit with God, you are experiencing, not begging. When you sit with God, you have His undivided attention.

Father, I am thankful that I do not have to beg for Your love, glory, and favor. Father, I am grateful that I do not have to run You down because I sit with You. Father, I am honored to be provided and protected by You continuously. I have everything that I need because of You. I am never tired of praising Your name. Thank You for allowing me to experience Your favored greatness. In Jesus' name, amen.


"Everything and everyone around me sit with the Father; we don't have to run Him down!"- Alston Shropshire

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