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A Kiss from Rose|October 27th

When God aligns your path, everything lines up as well. The whole world shifts. People shift around you. Favor shifts. Grace shifts. Love shifts. The anointing shifts. The covering shifts. The blood shifts. The Holy Ghost shifts. Your mind shifts. Your heart shifts. All of these things shift into your direction, in your path. The enemy shifts out of the way. He too has to move when God orders him too. When God tells the enemy to move out of the path of my anointed child because I am going to bless them with every great thing that I have in my power; the devil, his imps, and legions all must move. They bow down to GOD and they know they CAN NOT touch you! When you see the wind is shifting and changing direction, get ready for the world to shift in your favor. When you see the people around you moving around, get ready for your shift. When you see the Holy Ghost moving, get ready for your breakthrough. When you see the enemy move out of your way, get ready for the rain of harvest and reaping of good things that are pressed down and have been shaken together just for you. Are your eyes open, can you see things moving around? Can you feel the wind blowing, can you smell the presence of the Lord? If you have not given praise after reading this so far. Then stand up and give God praise for the clear and favored path, for the shifting in the wind! When things are moving in your life, you should feel it in your soul. You should be staking your claim! Waiting with anticipation! The mustard seed of faith is finally here! The tearful prayers have been answered! When you see the devil move out the way, you should be shouting all across the floor, cause not even the devil can stop what's about to happen. This is a shift customized for you. God didn't just move some things around for you, He moves everything around for you! You are His special child! Walk boldly in your alignment! Walk boldly in your love, favor, anointing, covering, the Holy Ghost, and the blood. In Jesus' name, Amen.



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