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A Kiss from Rose|October 26th

How many layers do you have? I know most people will say, "what you see if what you get, or I am pretty much simple". But is that really the case or are you hoping that is what you are portraying to others? If this is the case then you are completely and utterly happy, full of joy, peace, and happiness. No one has any issues with you and vice versa. Correct? There is no turmoil anywhere in your life, past, present, or the foreseeable future? You do not have any walls up? Right? Nothing triggers you, correct? Well, if you have triggers, then you have layers. If you have a wall, then there is a layer of bricks, one on top of the other. If you have ever had a storm, you too have a layer. If you have had an issue with someone you have a layer. Someone may pose the question, why if I have an issue with someone will I have a layer? Well if you completely understand that if someone has their own opinion, and their way of doing things, you will go with that. That is their way. If it bothers you, how someone is doing them, then why? What triggers the concern of the way they are doing it? The way you were taught? The way you feel they should do it? Does that make it right, or just the way you learned to do it? Get the point. Everyone has a layer. Now let's get to the point. When you are on this mental journey, a spiritual journey, or a self-help journey, are you peeling pack all of the layers to get the full effects of where you are trying to go? Are you willing to dig deep and get to the bottom layer? The thing is, and what people fail to realize, the bottom layer is usually the layer of the family. The family is your foundation, where most things began, whether good or bad. Yes, peel back your layers of friends, spouse, associates along the way, but don't stop there, make sure you get to the family. That's where the deep healing lies. However, remember, do not skip any of the layers, they are just as important.



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