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A Kiss from Rose|October 24th

Even at the bottom of the ocean's floor, there is life. Just because something is laying on the floor doesn't me it's not alive. So, even as you appear down and out, you are still breathing. Even while you are laying there looking up and everyone that is living the good life; your eyes and mind are focused and fixated on something. Move-in your determination to be something greater in your position. Even though the things that are all around you are dead and decaying. You are the one thing with light and purpose. Shine from your position. You were kept for a reason. You serve a purpose in the darkness, to be the illuminating force from the shadows. Continue to speak over and to yourself. I don't care if there are tears in your eyes and barely a song in your heart. Whisper. Hum. Groan. Do something. Don't just lay there.

I am among the dead, but I am alive.

I am here.

I am somebody.

I will thrive.

I will make it.

I will illuminate.

I will guide the others from this dark place.

I will show love.

I am determined.

I am motivated.

I have a purpose.

I will serve my purpose.

I will shine bright.

I will not give up on myself.

My tears are prayers too.

I speak life over me.

I will not die.

My heart will beat.

*Even a seashell which appears to be empty has an occupant.*




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