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A Kiss from Rose|October 23rd

How many of you remember those toxic relationships? How many of you are still in them? Well, I will describe them as being drawn in like a moth to a flame or a burning rose. As beautiful and innocent as you are coming in, you never see the flame. You may not initially know you are headed into something toxic. Visually appealing, mentally stimulated, and physically compensated, does this sound about right? I am sure it is. The euphoric smell of the cologne or perfume. The amazing smile. The "good good" job. The charm. The attention. Power. The appearance of respect. The dynamic physical appearance. The romantic trips and dinner outings. The special gifts. Hours of stimulating conversations that have you caught up. You are moving forward with immense focus. Once the physical compensation begins, you are gone. Nose wide open as they would say. Once your nostrils begin to flare, the poison begins to spill. The abuse( physical, emotional, mental, drug or alcohol), the infidelity or adulterous behaviors, the outside children, disrespect, and not coming home. Rose-colored glasses were the accessory of your choice. You can't see the trees in the forest. How could this be? Where is that beautiful thing that drew me in? Everything that drew you in is almost gone. You get just enough to keep you hopeful. Now, here are the late-night tears, the all-day conversations with your friends, 28 bad days, and 2or 3 good day. You are in a storm and you do not even know it. You pray for him/her to be better. You never pray for yourself to leave and obtain better. You try and try again. Do those days sound familiar? Have you ever experienced this? Whether it was doing your first relationship or marriage. We all have felt some form of toxic behavior in a relationship, whether we want to admit it or not. But, once you are on fire and burning to ashes, about to die, you can ask God for help. He will save you from this. You can rise like a phoenix! So many have! When you pray to God for what and who He has for you, the person you are to be with for the rest of your life, He will send them. You will know who it is by peace, positivity, and calmness in your life. Let me say this no relationship is perfect, but not all relationships are toxic. Once you have been in a toxic relationship, you will be able to see it a mile away. You will be able to discern it immediately. Your Holy Spirit would be walking away with the luggage and the kitchen sink, as you stare at the flame. Follow the Holy Spirit! You do ask Him to guide you in your prayer, correct? Please walk away! This is also a reminder of how GOD brought you out of some really dark places. Some real painful places. A place where you cried the weight off of you or ate the weight on you. A place where you thought you would never get out of. Now that you are out or on your way out, you say won't God do it! Get your motivation and give God the praise for pulling you out of those toxic relationships.

As I looked back on some of my relationships, I say all the time," God saved me from myself, I was trippin'."


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