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A Kiss from Rose|October 22nd

Riding high on our horses, are we? So you are better than everyone else? Do you know more? Do you do more? Your comprehension is better than everyone else? Your communication level is better? Your looks are better? Your money is substantively longer, meaning your bank account is bigger than everyone else? You are more educated? You are better versed than everyone? Do you have an extensive travel history? Your home is bigger and better? Your car is newer and you have more of them? You are more popular? Do you have the latest fashion? You shop at the exclusive stores and eat at the top restaurants? Do you have the best marriage, children, and family? Do you have the best career? Your ministry is the best? You are never wrong? You are PERFECT! You are on this high horse and are looking down on others? Are you trying to outshine everyone, or are you labeling it as "you just doing you"? Well, do you remember when the devil was knocked off of his high horse? The devil became vain about his beauty and position, and his heart became rebellious against God. Resulting in their ( him and some other angels) expulsion from Heaven (Luke 10:18; II Peter 2:4; Jude 6; Revelation 12:4). The devil's fall was a direct result of his self-exaltation that was manifested in his pride, the first sin (I Timothy 3:6). When the devil is motivated out of pride, he set out on an irrational course to seize for himself God’s authority over the universe (Isaiah 14:12-14).

Now when God cast you out or have you to humble yourself, then you will surely have a reality check! God is to get all of the glory, honor, and praise. You are nothing without Him. You are no better than any of His children. Everyone is uniquely and marvelously made. Everyone has their gifts and talents. Everyone is blessed and highly favored. Everyone is loved by Him. Everyone receives His grace and mercy. Everyone can come to Him. Everyone can receive Him. Everyone can be blessed with His promises over their life. Everyone has a purpose according to His will. His will not your will of what You think they should be.

When you are on that horse and you are feeling better than everyone, are you also better than God? Be careful you aren't cast out or humbled.



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