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A Kiss from Rose|October 19th

It is hard to wear the shoes of others. Every shoe is custom to fit that particular person. It is easy for anyone to give their opinion on what someone should do in a situation. How they should live, who they should marry, what job they should have, how they should handle an argument, and or how their marriage should be. You are not wearing those shoes. Even if you have been in that situation before, it doesn't mean everything surrounding it, for instance like the circumstances, is the same. Let's look at it from this point of view, can you imaging saying what God should do? Well, let's put on those shoes for a bit. If you were to wear those shoes, you would have the blueprint of the plan, you would know what is going to happen. You would already know the circumstances surrounding what is going on from all angles. You would know if the person takes this particular road where it would lead. You would have all of the answers from beginning to end. Do you get it? As human beings, we do not have the pleasure of all of this. Also in wearing these shoes (God), would you be able to handle the job? Are you already overwhelmed with your life? Well, how could you possibly take on everyone in the world's problems, joys, and complaints? All at once? How would you be able to handle the promises people make to do right, yet most break their promises every time? How would you be able to handle constantly giving and barely get a thank you? How would you be able to deal with giving your only Son and people deny who He is? How would you handle giving, only to be let down or having to have to save them time and time again for the same thing? How would you handle only being called on in the time of need? Can you fill those shoes? Can you continuously want to save someone who doesn't want to be saved? Would you have a breaking point? Can you handle performing countless miracles and yet are still doubted? We are human, no one can fill God's shoes nor anyone else's for that matter. Wear the shoes God has given you and stop trying on the shoes of others. You only can be YOU. NO ONE ELSE.




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