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A Kiss from Rose|October 14th

Is God pleased or angry with you? Are we happy about a facade that we have put in place about our relationship with God? Something that is far from the truth? Are we telling everyone that I talk with God every day, am doing the right thing, praying and fasting; yet God hasn't heard a word from us or only sees wrongdoing? Are we only speaking about God in the presence of our church members, religious people, doing the right thing only when it benefits us, or when something good has happened in our life? Is God truly getting His glory? God will deal with us as well if he isn't pleased. He will deal with your average Joe/ Jane, just as well as your pastors, judges, or president just the same. No one is above God. Just like in the bible where God was displeased with both Abimelech and the men of Shechem (Judges 9), and the course was set for them to destroy each other. No matter how much power or influence people seem to have, sooner or later God will deal with them.

Let's make sure that God is pleased with everything we are doing and the words that we speak so that He is pleased with us. I don't about anyone else, but I have had enough lessons and storms in life. I am wanting God to be pleased so that I may be more abundantly blessed.


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