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A Kiss from Rose|October 10th

We all said we left our toxic things and emotions in the past, never to pick it up again. Well, how true is that? Have you really left the hurt and storms in the past, or is it sitting in a bag next to your bed, by the door, in the back seat of your car, or are you carrying it around in your purse or back pocket? Do you unleash it at the drop of a dime when angered? How deep-rooted is your pain? Is it something you can deal with yourself or should you seek a professional to better assist? All unfortunately have had some form of painful past and may have been in a toxic situation, whether we want to admit it or not.

Know that it is easier to walk forward when you are not carrying the baggage.

Even though Jesus Christ carried the cross (which was not a load of His own, it was our sins He carried). He didn't go back and start at the beginning of his journey where He starting walking with the cross, (Old City of Jerusalem /Via Dolorosa) after being resurrected. Can you imagine Him constantly going through the torture of the things that happened on Golgotha (Calvary)? Would you want to carry the cross and go through the torture that Jesus did over and over again? Well, why are we all picking up the baggage, replaying the same song/story over and over in our head, constantly beating ourselves up over something that happened when we were 5 years old (and we are 50)? That is torture! Mental and emotional torture! How do we expect to grow, thrive, and live in favor if we are constantly living in a torturous past? Did you like it there, is that why you keep revisiting it? Is there pleasure in that type of pain? I didn't see anything pleasurable about what was done to Jesus. I am yet forever humbly grateful for Him paying the ultimate price for me.

Get rid of the baggage. The ones you won't admit to, have deep in a dark space, and the ones you constantly talk about. LIVE YOUR LIFE! WALK IN THE PRESENT!


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Unknown member
Oct 10, 2020

Amen, dragging dead weight around every day will truly slow your pace!


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